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Australian Cattle Vets accredited preg-testing

What is pregcheck?

The PREgCHECK™ (NCPD) scheme is a nationally recognised certification system of coloured tail tags showing the pregnancy status of cattle, particularly for sale purposes.

PREgCHECK™ seeks to promote excellence in cattle pregnancy testing skills, by way of peer-based assessment of pregnancy testers. A PREgCHECK™ Professional Reproductive Examination delivers producers confidence in using an accredited cattle vet to deliver accurate pregnancy diagnosis. PREgCHECK™ examinations can only be performed by an accredited vet, meaning a member of Australian Cattle Vets who has demonstrated knowledge and experience in the pregnancy diagnosis of cattle and undergone an examination by their peers.


  • Better control of the calving pattern. Identifying empty or later calving cows allows producers to sell them, or run them as separate groups.
  • The ability to market stock to generate cash flow at the earliest opportunity or to increase the value of late calving cows by selling them as confirmed pregnant.
  • Better reproductive monitoring and herd analysis to allow improved diagnosis, control, prevention and treatment of reproductive diseases.
  • Increased profitability. Accurate information about your herd allows better management decisions which directly impacts on profitability. Cattle that are certified as pregnant often attract a premium price.
  • Better nutritional and grazing management. Knowing the calving pattern in advance allows strategic use of periods of high pasture availability, appropriate use of supplementary feeding, superior feed budgeting and better control of the stocking rate.
  • Better welfare. Knowing the pregnancy status and expected calving date for the pregnant cow allows appropriate monitoring during the pre-calving period, resulting in fewer stock losses. Preventing cows from calving during transportation is essential.
  • Improvements in the fertility of the herd due to better management of herd genetics and culling of appropriate animals.


Pregnancy diagnosis in cattle is performed via palpation of the uterus, the foetus or the placenta through the rectum. This widely adopted method of pregnancy detection is an inexpensive, reliable and accurate diagnostic technique. A skilled operator can diagnose pregnancy from 35 days after insemination. PREgCHECK™ accredited veterinarians have demonstrated accuracy superior to ultrasounds or blood tests alone. A 2014 study of 4,000 cows over 40 properties found 4.4% of pregnancies went undiagnosed by ultrasound alone (when performed by vets experienced in ultrasound use), confirmed by follow up manual palpation.

A widely used commercial blood test to diagnose pregnancy correctly identified 99.3% of pregnancies but incorrectly assigned pregnancy to 6.2% of empty animals. Modelling suggests that animals inaccurately diagnosed cost producers on average at least $300. Every percentage point of inaccuracy therefore could be calculated to cost producers $3 per head, even before they receive the bill for the service.


a pregcheck™ accredited vet provides enhanced accountability as they are able to pregnancy test, assess, diagnose and monitor the reproductive outcomes of a beef or dairy herd, to deliver increased farm profitability.


To ensure that your enterprise is getting accurate pregnancy advice, call the clinic on 6557 0000 to enquire about competitively priced pregnancy testing by one of our ACV Accredited Cattle Vets.

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