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Canine Teens Program

Our Canine Teens Program is specially designed for adolescent dogs aged between 4 and 18 months of age. This is a critical developmental period where many difficult behaviours emerge and without appropriate intervention, can become reinforced as the dogs enter adulthood.

Our Canine Teens Program is a fantastic training foundation if you and your dog missed puppy school or for owners who have recently adopted an adolescent dog. It can also be a great follow on for dogs that have attended puppy school and it is a fantastic opportunity for owners to continue training and socialising their “Canine Teen” in a calm, supportive and controlled environment.

Our aim at Wingham and Valley Vets is for all our loving dog owners to have positive, rewarding and fulfilling relationships with their beloved pet. Classes are tailored to the individual needs of both the owner and their dog and by using positive reinforcement methods, owners will learn how to keep their dog calm and focused in order to build a lasting bond together. Should you wish to enter our Canine Good Citizen Program, our Canine Teens classes can be a fantastic foundation.

The Canine Teens Program consists of 5 consecutive 1 hour lessons once weekly, usually on a Sunday morning.

The program is run by a dedicated instructor with many years experience in behaviour modification and training.

To find out more or to enrol in our Canine Teens Program, please contact us on 65570000.


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