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Canine Good Citizen

We provide dog training courses for Wingham, Taree and the Manning Valley. The Canine Good Citizen course is a 9 week positive motivational course that aims to produce a well behaved, socialised pet and an informed and responsible owner.

The emphasis of this programme is training for “real life” situations – so your training ground is your everyday world.

The programme aims to produce:

  • A dog anyone would like to own
  • A dog that can socialise with other dogs and people
  • An owner capable of understanding and handling a dog and who is fully informed on all aspects of its care, wellbeing and responsible dog ownership

The street walk is a fun and important part of the course

At the end of the 9 week course you could expect your dog to:

  • Walk with you on a loose lead along a crowded street past everyday distractions
  • Sit quietly beside you while you stop to talk to another person both with or without a dog
  • Sit beside you while being petted by a stranger
  • Stand still and tolerate grooming and a visit to a veterinary surgery
  • Stay briefly in a sit or down position
  • Not jump from the car until instructed to do so
  • Come when called and have a lead attached
  • Tolerate being separated from you for short periods

Please contact us if you would like to book for the next course or would like more information.


Recent Testimonials:

Feedback and comments we have received from our CGC class participants!

Richard From Upper Lansdowne

“One of the best courses I have ever attended (dog or non-dog related). A very interesting and engaging course.”


Don from Caparra

When asked what the greatest benefit they derived from the course.

“We now have a better understanding of our dog and bonding with him as a result”


Sarah and Jeffrey from Wingham

When asked what they derived from the course.

“Not only the training, but the knowledge of dog psychology”



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