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We offer a regular grooming service every Friday with our Delta-trained veterinary nurse and groomer Amber.

Delta accreditation takes 3 years to complete and is nationally recognised. Due to this training Amber is very aware of the subtle signs of stress and anxiety in dogs and cats and so she is well equipped to make the grooming experience as positive and pleasant as possible for your pet.

If your pet finds grooming a stressful experience and if you are worried that your pet has had or is having a negative experience when being groomed, our gentle grooming service may be perfect for you and your pet. Our clinic policy is that all animals are always handled in a gentle, caring and sensitive manner.

To enable a stress-free and comfortable grooming experience for your pet, all cats will require sedation, as well as some dogs. Sedation ensures that nervous pets are less aware of the activity around them, are much more relaxed and will not go on to develop negative associations with the clinic environment or the grooming process.

Our grooming service is particularly popular in Summer as it enables owners to more thoroughly tick search their pets and many animals cope much better with the Summer heat if they are clipped, especially animals with very thick or long coats, skin problems or allergies.

At your grooming appointment you will meet with Amber and she will take the time to thoroughly discuss your expectations and requirements.

For more information or to book a grooming appointment, please contact the clinic on 6557 0000.

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