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Staff Continuing Education

Our clinic places a strong emphasis on continuing education, as we want to provide our patients with up-to-date modern medicine and surgery of the highest standard. Veterinary Science is constantly evolving and improving, with new procedures and treatments available all the time. Our vets regularly attend workshops, seminars and conferences so that they can continually update and improve their knowledge and skills in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your pet.


Several of our staff members are currently undertaking further study:

For much of 2017 Pete will be embarking on a 10 month advanced course in cardiorespiratory medicine through the University of Sydney. The course is designed to improve vets’ diagnostic and clinical skills for conditions from nasal disease to lung and heart disease. We see a lot of older animals with complicated chest pathology and we are so grateful to Pete for taking on this extra study to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and patients. This extra knowledge is the perfect accompaniment to Pete’s special interest in echocardiology (heart ultrasound). Pete will be hard at work this year, with several weekend workshops and regular assignments – all part of Wingham and Valley Vets’ commitment to providing outstanding quality care for our patients!!

  • Sue Harvey – Surgery of the Gastrointestinal Tract

In May 2017 Sue will be attending a 2 day course offered by the University of Sydney on surgical approaches and techiques for the gastrointestinal tract. This course is run by one of Australia’s eminent veterinary surgeons and aims to review current techniques for common surgical conditions as well as enhance vets’ surgical ability with more uncommon gastrointestinal problems. This course will complement Sue’s outstanding surgical skills perfectly and will be a great asset to the clinic.

This year Michelle has been completing a one year course in Behavioural Medicine offered by the University of Sydney. This advanced course will develop her skills and knowledge in all aspects of behavioural medicine including diagnosis (such as differentiating behaviour problems from problem behaviours), available medical treatments and managing anxiety, aggression and other common behavioural issues. We are so proud of Michelle for tackling such an advanced course, which is usually only completed by Veterinarians.

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