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“Stripe” is a working dog who took unusual measures to have a few days off work…..

Posted on: May 14, 2014 | In The Spotlight


Stripe presented to the hospital because his owner had noted he was duller than normal, and had had several vomits the previous day.

On examination, he was quite painful in the abdomen. X-rays and an abdominal ultrasound showed unusual “bunching” of his intestines, and an abnormal accumulation of gas.

Stripe was immediately taken to surgery, and a mass of stringy, ropey material removed. This material had blocked his small intestine, and in fact his whole small intestine from duodenum to ileum was bunched up as a result. This a recognized phenomenon when a linear “foreign body” is eaten.

Three cuts in his intestine allowed us to remove the entire mass of rope, his bowel was re-stitched, and after a weekend in hospital he was able to go home. No work for a couple of weeks though!

The stringy material was later identified by the owner as the carpet from his bed.

Only the good observations by Stripe’s owner, and prompt veterinary attention saved his life!

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