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Sheep, Goat and Alpaca Worm Alert

Posted on: January 31, 2013 | In The Spotlight

Worms have always been a problem for sheep (and goats and alpacas) in the Manning Valley, but the current weather conditions have made it a worm’s paradise!

Of particular concern is the Barber’s Pole Worm which causes chronic anaemia, and may not be noticed until the sheep are very weak. Another problem with this worm is that it needs a specific drench, as the Broad Spectrum drenches (needed for other worm species) are not as effective at eliminating it.

If you run sheep, goats or alpacas and are concerned that Barber’s Pole Worm may be a problem, please give us a call to discuss your specific situation. We also have a fact sheet available for your information.

Worm counts are an easy and scientific way of deciding whether you need to drench your stock, and we recommend that you monitor your flock regularly.

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